Thank You Neale!! Jets Chairman Kev Robson recently got to present the South West Baseball League’s Development Officer Neale Raleigh with his very own Weston Jets Jersey in recognition of the major role he played founding the Jets.

Baseball fanatic Neale has played an enormous role in the growth and development of baseball across the South West of England, and the Jets are just one of the many Clubs that Neale has helped to establish.

We simply cannot thank Neale enough for everything he did for the Club in its early days, and it simply would not exist without his financial aid, the constituting of the Club and all his coaching and invaluable baseball knowledge as well as his enthusiasm and time and effort to grow the sport in Weston-super-Mare and the surrounding District.

Neale’s latest project was the founding of Yeovil Whirlwinds, and he is having yet more success with this latest venture as well as forming and promoting the combined SWBL team, which is representing our League so well on the National stage.

Thank you once again Neale, you will always be an honorary Jet!!!