Weston Jets Baseball Club Constitution

 purchase gabapentin 1. Name
 1.1 The Organisation shall be called the Weston Jets Baseball Club    herein thereafter referred to as the 'Club'.
 1.2 The Weston Jets Baseball Club shall consist of the following teams:
   1.2.1 The Weston Jets.
   1.2.2 Any other expansion teams to be created and named at a later     date.

 http://americandreamwindow.com/match-the-window-height-to-the-space 2. Affiliation
  2.1 The Club shall be affiliated to the South West Baseball League (SWBL).

 Streamwood 3. Aims and Objectives
  3.1 The Club is established to promote and further the interests of Baseball (herein after referred to as the 'Sport' for adults over the age of 16 in Weston-super-Mare and the surrounding area.
  3.2 Membership of the affiliated League with the aim of providing regular playing opportunities for the Club's representative team(S).
  3.3 The provision of training and playing facilities for the Club's members.
  3.4 To provide consistent equal opportunities for participation in the Sport for all Club members.

 Girīdīh 4. Membership
  4.1 The Club shall consist of the committee and it's members.
  4.2 Membership of the Club shall be open, and not unreasonably restricted on the grounds of sex, race, disability, political, religious or sexual opinion or orientation to any person who agrees to abide by the Club Constitution and the rulings of the Weston Jets Baseball Club Committee.
  4.3 Members of the Club agree to abide by the Club's Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct and regulations of the South West Baseball League.
  4.4 All Members must pay the agreed membership and training fees and game day subs.
  4.5 Each fully paid-up Member shall be entitled to a vote at General or Annual General Meetings.

   5. Membership Fees
  5.1 Membership fees for the Club along with training fees and game day subs shall be stipulated by the Weston Jets Committee allowing for discrepancies as the Committee deems fit.
  5.2 Fees shall be decided upon by the Club at it's AGM and shall be payable to the Weston Jets Baseball Club.
  5.3 The Committee may decide upon other changes or subscriptions at it's discretion.

6. Suspension, Refusal or Termination of Membership
  6.1 The elected committee shall be entitled to refuse any application for membership on the grounds that such membership would be prejudicial to the objectives of the Club as set out in Rule 4 of this Constitution.
  6.2 The Committee shall have the power to take appropriate disciplinary action against any member for any reason such as non-payment of subs, failure to comply with the objectives of the Club as set out in Rule 4 of this Constitution, Bullying & Harassment of other members, failure to follow the Club's Code of Conduct and that of the SWBL.
  6.3 The Club Committee shall have the power to suspend or terminate the Membership of any Member guilty of conduct deemed to have been detrimental to the conduct of the Club and it's Code of Conduct and it's aims and objectives.
  6.4 Any Member shall have the right to apply for reinstatement at the next AGM.
  6.5 Any paid membership fees by a Member hereafter dismissed are non-refundable.
  6.6 Notification of the termination of any memberships shall be forwarded to the SWBL Secretary.

7. Club Meetings
  7.1 The Club shall hold at least 2 General Meetings per year.
  7.2 The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting approximately every 12 months when the annual report for the Club and it's financial report for the previous season shall be made known.
  7.3 No less than 14 days notice of the AGM shall be given to all members by the Secretary. 
  7.4 The AGM shall elect officers of the Club.
  7.5 The Chairman and Secretary may receive nominations for officers at any time. Nominations shall require 2 votes (Nominator and Seconder). Nominations will only be accepted from Club members eligible to vote at the AGM.
  7.6 All meetings of the Club shall be determined by a majority vote of all members present with every member having one vote inclusive of the Chairman. In the event of an equality of vote then the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

8. Finance
  8.1 All monies raised by or on behalf of the Club shall be applied to further the interests and objectives of the Club and for no other purposes.
  8.2 The Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the Club.
  8.3 The financial year of the Club ends on 31st September.
  8.4 Proper accounts of all sums of monies paid in and out of the Club shall be kept by the Treasurer and may be requested by the Committee at any time.
  8.5 The funds of the Club shall be lodged at a bank or building society in the name of the Weston Jets, and all requests or withdrawals of these funds shall be signed by the Treasurer and either the Chairman or the Secretary.

9. Discipline and Appeals
  9.1 The Committee shall have the power to take appropriate disciplinary action against any member and shall have the authority to terminate the membership of any member deemed to be in violation of the Clubs rules, Code of Conduct or acting in a manned deemed to be in detriment of the Club.
  9.2 Should a member of the Committee be subject to disciplinary action then the remainder of the Committee shall decide upon such action in the absence of that person.
  9.3 There shall be a right to appeal to the a disciplinary committee to the Secretary within 28 days of the initial disciplinary decision of the Committee. The disciplinary committee shall consist of The Committee and a majority of non-committee members drawn at random from the Club members.
  9.4 The appeal should normally be considered within 14 days of ot being received by the Secretary.  

10. Dissolution of the Club
  10.1 In the event of the Club ceasing to exist, and following the discharge of all debts and liabilities, any assets at the time of dissolution shall be distributed to the Committee of the SWBL or any other Clubs having similar objectives to their own.
  10.2 The Club may be wound up on a resolution of the members passed by a two thirds majority of members present at an Extraordinary general Meeting convened by that purpose upon the request of at least 20 per cent of the Club's active members.

11. Changes to the Constitution
  11.1 This Constitution shall be open to review at any time.
  11.2 Amendments to the Constitution shall only be agreed at the AGM.
  11.3 Additions or Amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted to the Secretary by a proposer and seconder no less than 10 days before the AGM. No amendments or additions may be proposed from the floor of the AGM.
  11.4 In the event of a proposal to amend the constitution, the Secretary shall inform all members of this proposal no less than 3 days before the AGM. 
  11.5 Any alteration to the Constitution shall require a two thirds majority of members present and voting.
  11.6 In the event of any question arising not covered in the Constitution the Committee shall make a final decision on the said matter.
Signed by:

Club Chairman .......................................

Secretary     .......................................

Treasurer     .......................................