Weston Jets Baseball Club prides itself on always being open to new members of all abilities from seasoned veterans to complete beginners.

online pharmacy cytotec Q. How can I contact the Club?

buy prednisone tablets online A. All prospective members should register their interest by filling in the ‘Join Us’ Form on the website. If you have any questions, please look through our website first as most answers and information about the club, practice times, location, games etc can be found here, otherwise you can email the club and we will strive to get back to you as quickly as possible.

http://sph.ba/o-nama-2 Q. What can the Weston Jets offer me?

can i buy Lyrica online A. The Jets currently run one adult baseball team open to anyone aged 16 or older. This team competes in the South west Baseball League. The Club plan on creating a second team to enter the SWBL in 2020.

Q. When do you practice and play games?

A. We practice on wednesday evenings from 6pm until 8.30pm on our diamond at Robson Field (Hutton Moor playing pitches) during the summer months. During winter we train indoors at the NSETC sports hall next to the Landing Light Pub. All SWBL games are played on Sundays, first pitch from 12noon. The season runs fron April to August and consists of approximately 12 games.

Q. How much does it cost to join the Weston Jets?

A. Your first training session is always free then monthly training fees cost £15. Match fees cost from £2 to £5 depending on the number of innings you play. Annual membership for all members costs £50.

Q. Why do you charge these fees?

A. The Weston Jets recieve no funding support from any organisation or any government or sporting institution. As a minority sport in the UK we rely heavily on our membership fees to run the club, purchase equipment, cover costs and develop our facilities.

Q. Why does your match fee vary?

A. We believe it is unfair to charge the same set fee to someone who may have only batted once compared to someone who had batted 4 or more times, therefore we have a match day fee that increases slightly the more innings you play.

Q. What equipment do I need to play?

A. To paticipate in practices, normal outdoor training wear is fine. We recommend you wear baseball cleats but football boots or similar shoes with good traction work also. The Club will provide you with a glove for training but as fielding gloves are very individual, position specific and shape themselves to your hand the more you use them we recommend you purchase your own as soon as possible. Prices vary, but members will advise you on what to purchase and from where. All bats, balls, helmets and catchers equipment will be provided by the club.

Q. What is the Jet’s uniform like and how do I get it?

A. Our game day uniform consists of black baseball pants, red socks, red belt, red Jets cap, a white undershirt with 3/4 length sleeves and a Weston baseball jersey which is red with black sleeves. The Uniform is included with your membership and is provided to you by the Club (stock levels permitting) but must be returned back to the equipment manager at the end of the season. Memebers can purchase their own uniform (and most do). If you want to wear a specific jersey number you can purchase your own jersey (providing the number you wish to wear is still available).

Q. where can I purchase baseball equipment in the UK?

A. Members will advise you on the best places to shop, but you can try some of the following:

Baseball Outlet (UK) , The Baseball Softball Shop (UK) , Comet Sports (UK) , Coach Carter’s Field Sports Supplies (UK) , Covee (NL) Amazon and Ebay also stock baseball equipment but you may have to pay a large shipping fee. The Weston Jets also have their own Club shop with their main kit supplier Karuta Sportswear.