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The Weston Jets are proud to announce they have entered into a partnership with Karuta sportswear.

Karuta will provide a huge range of gameday, training, travel and leisurewear for Supporters and Players of the Weston Jets.

For all Jets sportswear please visit https://karuta-sportswear.com/product-category/club-shop/weston-jets-baseball

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Karuta Sportswear are an independent Sportswear Brand that specializes in bespoke playing kits and team wear for all sports and the Weston Jets are proud to become one of their partners.

The garments Karuta produce are durable, able to withstand the rigours of training and gamedays, just like the Japanese armour the company is named after, but also stylish enabling our players to be confident when training and competing.

Karuta use the latest materials and fabrics and constantly communicate with experts on the latest technological advances in sportswear. They have provided us with an in-house design service, second to none, so that we were able to personalise our ‘armour’ how we wished. Karuta have provided the Weston Jets with a huge range of full leisure, training, and travel kit for our club, which will cover all weather conditions from extreme winter to scorching hot summer, to compliment the new uniforms they have designed for the Jets players to wear wear whilst competing on the field on gamedays. Both players and fans of the Jets will be able to find the garments they want to wear for playing, training or simply supporting the club in the local community.

Karuta are a local Weston-super-Mare based firm so we make an ideal partnership to support each other. They source all their material from Europe and the United Kingdom and they use local specialized services, as they along with ourselves believe that it is important to support British Companies.

Karuta’s extensive range covers dozens of clubs in every major sport and Taunton Muskets Baseball Club are already one of the other teams Karuta provide kit for. They pride themselves on supplying dedicated Amateurs like ourselves with exactly the same quality of kits and service, in the same manner as the committed Professional teams they also supply.

“Karuta could not have been more helpful and friendly right from the start. They have been supportive and innovative through the whole process, replying promptly to my MANY requests for changes and additions to the range of kit and the design styles while supplying Weston Jets Baseball Club with the highest quality garments, in a fantastic range at great prices and with great delivery speeds. The thing that really separates Karuta from all their competitors is their friendliness and the way they made me feel that my Club mattered to them and nothing I asked was ever a problem”.

Kev Robson, Chairman Weston Jets Baseball Club

Shop Online at: https://karuta-sportswear.com/product-category/club-shop/weston-jets-baseball