The Times They are A Changing


The South West Baseball League (SWBL) has announced a series of changes aimed at further developing the game in the region and across the UK.

Seven teams, the Bristol Bats, Bristol Buccaneers, Bristol Brunels, Cardiff Merlins, Cornish Claycutters, Weston Jets and Taunton Muskets, will affiliate to the British Baseball Federation (BBF), the game’s national governing body.

These teams will compete for a place in the Single A national playoffs, scheduled in September, for the first time.

They will join the region’s AAA teams, Bristol Badgers, BC Vetra, SW Rebeldes and Bournemouth Bears in the national championships, establishing the region as the largest baseball community outside London.

“We want to reflect the growing participation in this great sport in the region and give all the players at whatever level the chance to take on the best from across the UK,” said buy nuvigil and provigil Dan McKimm, the league’s Commissioner. “The committee is determined to work to improve the quality of play in the south west working with clubs to develop players, coaches, baseball fields, umpires and recruitment.”

“We believe that the UK baseball community needs to come together and we think that a new approach where regions work closely with the governing body to develop the game is the way forward,” added Rhodri Theaker, the league’s development officer. “We are looking forward to working with the BBF and BSUK to develop baseball in the south west and Wales.”

Plymouth Mariners, Newton Brewers and Yeovil Whirlwinds have resigned from the SWBL. The Exeter Spitfires will remain an independent club but have said they will join once they feel the club is more secure. The league wishes them well and hopes they will rejoin in the future.

The Weston Jets unanimously voted to affiliate with the BBF following an Emergergency General Meeting. “We look forward to the new season and the new competition and the new opportunities being part of the BBF should bring”, said Weston Jets Chairman Misoprostol with no prescription Kev Robson.

The British Baseball Federation (BBF), the National Governing Body of baseball, announced it will be adding, seven teams, for the South West Baseball League (previously unaffiliated to the BBF): the Bristol Bats, Bristol Buccaneers, Bristol Brunels, Cardiff Merlins, Cornish Claycutters, Weston Jets and Taunton Muskets, which will affiliate in 2021. The teams come from five clubs (including Bristol Baseball Club).

From 2019 to 2020, BBF club membership increased by 10%. Now, in 2021, with todays SWBL announcement, BBF club membership has increased by a further 12% (33 registered clubs + four new SWBL clubs = 37 member clubs), with more clubs informing us [BBF] they may be coming in before April.

The BBF president, Bayt Ḩānūn Gerry Perez, said, “It is with great appreciation and gratitude we accept these new club members and participants from the SWBL into the BBF”. He went on to say, “We believe this decision validates all of the hard work undertaken by the board of the BBF in the last year to provide the best possible experience for our member clubs. Membership numbers continue to rise, and our financial stability remains strong. Moreover, we truly hope that this announcement is the first step to greater unity in the British baseball community”.

The British Baseball Federation (BBF) leagues and other events will become active this spring, when the COVID government lockdown eases.